wellness clubLet’s face it, there’s TOO MUCH information out there about how to stay healthy. And it changes constantly. One minute vitamins are good and eggs are bad, the next minute eggs are the healthiest things around and you should only take certain supplements at certain times when the moon is full and the eagle has landed.

It’s gotten crazy out there, so allow us to be the voice of reason. An elite group of doctors have developed a program to make staying at optimal health as easy as 1, 2 3!

The Wellness Club, exclusively offered at HealthSource clinics across the country, allows you to receive continual care to remain at optimal health with 3 packages that you can choose based on your own needs and goals.

At the center of these care plans is regular chiropractic care, which ensures more normal motion by easing your vertebrae back into place so that your central nervous system can do its job of keeping everything in your body-organs, tissues, and muscle-working in perfect order.

Whether you sign up for our Gold, Silver, or Bronze packages, you’ll receive exceptional level of one-on-one care with our experienced doctors, as well as month-long supplies of all-natural and clean Wellness supplements and discounts on our other Wellness products to keep you not only healthy, but energized to keep you moving in today’s rushed lifestyle.

Talk to your doctor about our Wellness Club today, so we can get you on a path to lifelong health, many more years of seeing the people you love and the things you love to do!
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