Sleep-There are several drugs on the market today which can assist you with getting to sleep. Unfortunately the long term and side effects of these drugs can ultimately cause more problems than they are helping.

sleep pillow

Sleeping properly is something that most people do not consider important to their daily lives as work and stress take on bigger and bigger roles. But what people don’t know is that when deep sleep is obtained, toxins accumulated in the body are broken down and are eliminated, allowing you to awaken feeling rested and alert. Not being able to sleep properly also affects your body as you can start to have aches even at an early age. My Ideal Pillow works well with adults and kids, so you can actually save your kids from future years of backache by getting them the pillow that’s best suited for them now.

HealthSource is pleased to partner with Ideal pillow to provide you with Pillows and Mattresses designed for YOUR body, and designed following sound chiropractic fundamentals.

Designed by chiropractor Dr. Mark Hooper, My Ideal Pillow is a customized product that addresses your individual comfort based on personal parameters. Based on years of practice and research, the first computerized system was designed to carefully customize a pillow to a person’s needs and wants. Depending on your sleeping position and the answers you provide, My Ideal Pillow will determine the proper pillow shape, type and quantity of filling best suited to your body. The best kind of pillow is one that can provide the proper fluff and support and is one that best conforms to your neck and head, giving you the deepest and most comfortable sleep possible. In partnership with the nation’s premier bedding manufacturer, My Ideal Pillow is made of the highest quality down, down alternative and linen fibers.

So ask your HealthSource Physician today about Ideal Pillows and Mattresses.  You spend over 2900 hours a year asleep, make your sleep ideal!