Plantar FasciitisPlantar Fasciitis is very painful. It is an inflammation of the plantar fascia which is a connective tissue on the bottom of your foot. The pain is normally felt on the underside of your heel and is usually worse in the morning as you start to bear weight on your feet.

At HealthSource we treat Plantar Fasciitis with our exclusive Progressive Rehab approach. Progressive Rehab™ is the combination of precise chiropractic adjustments with pain relieving and stabilizing rehab therapies. This allows us to address the muscles, joints, and alignment in the same visit offering quick relief of pain and nerve pressure.

We also combine our partner’s products from Mojo Feet and Rock Tape. Mojo Feet is the manufacturer of custom orthotics which have been directly proved to aid in the treatment and prevention of Plantar Fasciitis.

Rock Tape is known as kinesiology tape and is fantastic for treating common sports injuries like shin splints, plantars and runner’s knee. When applied properly, ROCKTAPE lifts the skin away from the muscle, which promotes blood flow. Faster blood flow means more oxygen and more lymph drainage, which helps remove Lactic Acid.

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