childhood-obesityThe Center for Childhood Obesity Research, along with the National Institute of Medicine, has published that Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Sleep are needed to curb childhood obesity which has reached epidemic proportions in this country.

Our own work with adolescents at HealthSource across the country show that eating and exercise habits developed early on will continue into adulthood.

At HealthSource, we will work with your child to set goals, provide education, help with supplements and exercise, and develop an overall program to keep the weight off and learn habits that they can carry on for the rest of their lives.

It’s like no other program because it’s actually sustainable. It teaches your child to change the way they feel about food. Everything is really fresh and tastes great. They will actually have more energy. So if you are concerned about your child’s weight, contact your HealthSource Physician today to schedule your child’s Weight Loss Consultation.   And have them bring in their backpack too while they are in the office! Wikipedia: What is Childhood Obesity?