Chiropractic Treatments Remedies from Health Hazards

chiropractor-treatmentsModern lifestyle causes various diseases to adult in early stages of life. The vitamin D deficiency blocks the immune cells associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) from travelling to the brain. Researchers have done tests on mice with injecting with vitamin D and MS in rodent form. This caused high level damaging cells called T cells in blood stream, but low cells in brain or spinal cord. Chiropractic treatments provides treatment through simple walking technique. You are required to walk regularly to have a great impact on every day activities. Patients who took more than 6 seconds to walk 25 feet should use alternative arrangements instead of walking.

These patients should use walker for walking long distance and doing their routine work. Chiropractic treatments provides you with simple exercise to strengthen the weaken bones and muscles. You should walk with artificial support like walker or canes do the regular activities. Chiropractors provide you with diet chart to avoid increase in your weight. Because increase in weight cause great injury to knee joint and make discomfort during walking. This weakens muscles in old ages. Chiropractors are provided with regular massage oil to relieve from frequent pain in knee and joint pains. You have to daily massage this oil and walk with the help of walker for routine activities.

Many diseases like lower back pain, neck pain and other body pain are solved with slight alteration in lifestyle and regular exercise. Patients can post their queries through online chats and suggestions provided by chiropractors.  Common disease in eyes is dryness in eyes, eye irritation due to air pollutions, and strain due to continuous work before computers and television. These can be treated through simple eye exercise and cleaning technique. You can apply eye ointment in medical stores to remove dirt from your eyes, redness and irritation from your eye. Chiropractic researchers have found that antibiotics help to ease pain and puffiness in the eyes.

Dryness can be removed with simple technique like

  • Wiping or cleaning the eye with cotton or soft cloth and apply ointment and take rest
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight with usage of sun glasses
  • Take antibiotics to ease from eye pain and spreading to other eyes
  • Eye infection should be treated at initial stages to avoid further problems

Through various simple ways of exercise you can lead a normal and happier life. It relieves from various pains in the body.


Advanced Child Chiropractic Treatments in Infants

newbornchiropractorChiropractic Treatments provides treatment of hormonal imbalance prior to the conception to promote for regular menstrual cycle and urinary functions. It prepares the body of the women for pregnancy and provides a hormonal coordination with mother and development of baby with good nervous system in entire body. Restoring proper nervous supply to reproductive organs helps with healthier pregnancies. Many children are prone to many deformities in birth due to mal-nutrient in their mother health. Children born with deformed bones face more complicated problems to in their survival. They are treated with many complicated multiple surgeries in born infants and continuous chiropractic treatments.

Children with poor nutrients diet suffer from acute uncomplicated lower back pain can be treated with physiotherapy and minor exercise. They have to be consulted with good chiropractic practitioner for regular treatment in their entire life. The physicians provide them with good diet chart in the regular food and educate their parents with simple alternation in their lifestyle to improve the health of children. Chiropractic treatments provide medical care for children with asthma, bedwetting, lack of concentration, malnutrition, breathing discomfort and other minor ailments. Many chronic diseases like cancer tumor are treated with surgeries. Many bone fracture and manipulations of the nerves are treated through complicated surgeries in infants. The doctor’s advice with regular treatment to those infants through chiropractic care and guiding them with advanced medical treatment for patient’s recovery.

In case of infantile torticollis, chiropractic treatments provide you with safe and conservative management. Despite its added expenses in treatment, chiropractic care holds superiority in treating patients with added risk or manipulations. The pediatrician who treated the infant with broken neck can continue practicing if he obtains a further education in pediatric chiropractic care. Training is important for every medical profession for the safety and life saving measures for patients with more complicated issues.

Many parents come to chiropractic care for treating for child’s spine and nervous system. There are some important reasons for child care through chiropractic treatments.

  • This encourages good treatment in growth of brain and nerve development in children
  • It supports overall development in health and well being
  • It strengthen the immunity against minor ailments to change in seasons like cold, fever and other breathing problems like asthma, lung problems
  • It provides treatment against chronic baby syndrome
  • It encourages in good treatment to spinal cord in infants and children during minor accidents.


Chiropractor in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Chiropractor in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Our chiropractic services have gentle, caring chiropractors that work side by side with friendly progressive rehab staff to get you feeling better again, quickly. Every member of our team has been educated to help you better understand chiropractic services” and what it is all about. Chiropractic services is about whole body wellness, We not only focus on back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, fibromyalgia and other common concerns, but also on prevention, wellness and nutrition. Spinal Decompression, a leading edge non-surgical and non-invasive technology, is available in many of our offices for patients with severe conditions.

Our approach of combining chiropractic services with Progressive Rehab™ is designed to get you feeling better again and maintain the health you achieve. We know you have a choice when choosing your chiropractic services. HealthSource chiropractic services is always on the lookout for new therapy and nutritional products to offer the best possible chiropractic experience we can deliver.

HealthSource offices utilize “Active Care”. Getting you actively involved in Progressive Rehab™ combined with chiropractic adjustments usually gets to the root of problems like: decreased mobilization, poor circulation, bad lymphatic drainage, muscle trigger points, muscle spasms, adhesions, pain, decreased range of motion, decreased strength, decreased flexibility, decreased endurance, poor balance, decrease coordination, and bad posture.

Once we have isolated the source of your pain, eliminated it, we then fix or stabilize the injured area to keep you pain free and functioning for years to come.

At that point, we are able to move forward to our “Wellness Care” phase where we can help you with all the areas of your life. Chiropractic Care is and always will be a foundation block of wellness care, but without addressing nutrition, exercise, meal planning, weight control, injury control, orthotics, and even sleep, you cannot lead the active healthy lifestyle that is obtainable.

We look forward to creating a partnership with you and your family that includes chiropractic services and much more.

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Chiropractor in Wesley Chapel, Florida

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Spinal Decompression Therapy may be the alternate solution to back surgery

spinal decompression therapySpinal Decompression Therapy may be the alternate solution to back surgery

With spinal decompression, you simply lie on your back while the machine pulls your extremities creating a vacuum along the sponge-like discs on your spine to seep back in… pain free!

You owe it to yourself to investigate Spinal Decompression Therapy as a solution to your back pain before jumping immediately to evasive procedures.

Research varies nationally on the results of Spinal Decompression.

But at HealthSource, after serving thousands of patients nationwide, we have a strong track record of relieving the symptoms and restoring mechanical function to our patients who were otherwise considered surgical candidates.

So if you have been handling your back pain by taking shots, or drugs, or just been staying in bed too much because it’s the only place the pain is reduced, come talk to your HealthSource Physician today and discover what alternatives are available to alleviate your pain and return you to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Click Here for More Information about Spinal Decompression

What is Numbness and Tingling

If you are experiencing numbness or tingling, you need to take it seriously, because it is your body telling you that something is wrong!

These indicators to a HealthSource Physician allow them to find the source of the issue and resolve it BEFORE it turns into a serious, lifestyle-altering condition!

Most tingling happens in the head, eyes, fingers, hands and feet; the extremities where the source of the pain is radiating down to the farthest reaches.

HealthSource Physicians use Chiropractic adjustments, in conjunction with therapy, progressive rehab, exercise, stretching, and nutrition to find the source, relieve the issue and pain, and keep it from coming back.

Call your HealthSource Physician today to schedule your wellness screening and put a stop to your numbness and tingling today before it turns into something serious!

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Our team is excited to show you the type of Chiropractor Wesley Chapel care that will not only get you out of pain, but change your life. With changing healthcare and lifestyles, it’s more important than ever to get yourself out of pain and then start down a journey of true health! You will quickly find that you have found much more than a chiropractor at HealthSource®!

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