How Can a Chiropractor Find the Cause of My Neck or Back Pain?

During your visit, your doctor of chiropractic will perform exams to locate the source of your pain and will ask you questions about your current symptoms and remedies you may have already tried. In the physical exam, your doctor will observe your posture, range of motion, and perform various orthopedic tests. Your doctor will palpate your spine, note its curvature and alignment,
and feel for muscle spasm.

During the neurological exam, your doctor will test your muscle strength, reflexes, and nerve sensations in your neck and back. In some instances, your chiropractor might order tests to help diagnose your condition. An x-ray can show decreased disc space, fractures, bone spurs, or arthritic degeneration.

A computerized axial tomography scan (a CT or CAT scan) or a magnetic resonance imaging test (an MRI) can show bulging discs and herniations. As conservative care doctors, a chiropractor’s scope of practice
does not include the use of drugs or surgery. If your chiropractor diagnoses a condition outside of this conservative scope, he or she will refer you to the appropriate medical physician or specialist.

Here Are Some of the Most Typical Causes of Neck and Back Pain:

Injury and Accidents: A sudden force moving of the head or neck in a direction and the “rebound” in the opposite direction is known as whiplash. The sudden “whipping” motion injures the surrounding and supporting tissues of the neck, head and mid to lower back. Muscles react by tightening and spasming, causing muscle fatigue, and resulting in pain and stiffness. Car accidents and certain impact injuries from sports are common causes of whiplash.

Degenerative Conditions: Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease directly affect the spine. These degenerative conditions can be caused by previous injuries, repetitive motion, or wear-and-tear from daily activities.
Daily Life: Poor posture, obesity, and weak core muscles often cause spinal balances, causing the neck, mid and lower back to bend forward to compensate. Stress and emotional tension can cause muscles to tighten and contract, resulting in pain and stiffness.

How Can Chiropractic Help With Neck and Back Pain:

Neck and Back Adjustments: A spinal adjustment (also known as a spinal manipulation) is a precise procedure applied to the joints of the neck or back, usually by hand or an instrument. A neck and back adjustment works to improve the mobility of the spine and to restore range of motion; it can also increase movement of the adjoining muscles. Patients often notice an improved ability to tilt and turn the head, neck or back with a reduction of pain, soreness, and stiffness.

Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression:

Nonsurgical spinal decompression is a type of motorized traction that may help relieve neck and back pain. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine. That changes the force and position of the spine. This will take pressure off the spinal discs, which are gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine. Over time, negative pressure from this therapy may cause bulging or herniated discs to retract. That can take pressure off the nerves and other structures in your spine. This in turn, helps promote movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs so they can heal.

Chiropractor Therapy: During progressive therapy, you will practice range of motion exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support your neck and back. You’ll also learn how to improve your posture and range of motion needed to enhance your activities of daily living.

Of course, your chiropractor will develop a plan of care that may combine more than one type of treatment, depending on your personal needs. Make your appointment today!


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Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression wesley chapel flNonsurgical spinal decompression is a type of motorized traction that may help relieve back pain. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine. That changes the force and position of the spine. This will take pressure off the spinal disks, which are gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine.

Over time, negative pressure from this therapy may cause bulging or herniated disks to retract. That can take pressure off the nerves and other structures in your spine.

This in turn, helps promote movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the disks so they can heal.

Chiropractors have used nonsurgical spinal decompression in an attempt to treat:

  • Back or neck pain or sciatica, which is pain, weakness, or tingling that extends down the leg
  • Bulging or herniated disks
  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Worn spinal joints (called posterior facet syndrome)
  • Injured or diseased spinal nerve roots (called radiculopathy)

How Is Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression Done?

You are fully clothed during spinal decompression therapy. The attendant fits you with a harness around your pelvis and another around your trunk. You either lie face down or face up on a computer-controlled table The attendant then customizes treatment to your specific needs. Treatment may last 15 to 30 minutes and you may require 20 treatments over five weeks.

Who should not Have Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression?

Ask your chiropractor whether or not you are a good candidate for nonsurgical spinal decompression. It is best not to try it if you are pregnant.

People with any of these conditions should also not have nonsurgical spinal decompression:

  • Fracture
  • Tumor
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Advanced osteoporosis
  • Metal implants in the spine

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Wesley Chapel Chiropractor after an Auto Accident

Auto Injury And Chiropractors

After a car accident, you might be living with some pain killers and a constant pain that cannot be avoided at any cost, especially not if you go with the traditional medicines. Even the smallest of the car accidents can cause significant damage to your body, especially the neck and the spinal region. While some injuries, like the whiplash injury, can become visible instantly, some other smaller injuries may not show any signs of existence. They develop slowly over a long period of time and silently run havoc on your neuromusculoskeletal system. These problems are often difficult to identify and may be the reason why your never pain goes away, even after a lot of treatment with traditional medicine. If such is the case, you must immediately book and appointment with a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are medical professionals who use alternative methods of healing and specialize in managing the neuromusculoskeletal system. They would order an x-ray for you and then define the reasons why you are facing the pains. He would then go ahead and make a treatment plan for you. In this treatment plan, your muscles and back system would be slowly adjusted so that there are no misalignments in your spine. Back pains, neck pains and all other kinds of pains related to this system can be cured because of these treatments. Your posture would also improve greatly because of this. Additionally, you would be able to get rid of any painkillers as well. Chiropractors are well-known for helping you getting rid of old pains as well. No matter what kind of injury or ache you suffer from, you can always come to a chiropractor and get benefitted by his manual ways of treating your problem.

There is on more important thing that you need to understand after a car accident. You would be paying a lot of money to a regular doctor as his fee, for medications as well as for the expensive tests and MRI scans etc. However, you don’t have to spend such amounts of money when you visit a chiropractor. They are generally not as expensive as the regular doctors and it only takes an x-ray for them to recognize the real problem with your neck or back. They would devise a great treatment plan because of which you would be able to get rid of your pain forever, and that too without the use of any kind of medications.

Chiropractor Adjustments

Chiropractor  adjustment is a manual technique used by chiropractors for spinal adjustments or manipulations. Because of physical jerks, shocks or even because of bad posture, the alignment of our spine may be disrupted. As a result, we have to face chronic pains. However, because of chiropractic adjustments, all these pains are gone. Though most of the times, these alignments are made manually, sometimes the chiropractor can also use small instruments to put pressure on the spine and bring it back to the desired level of alignment. This is the simples, non-invasive way that would help in relieving pain without the use of any medications. The chiropractor would be applying pressure on the different joints and areas, followed by release of gases like oxygen and nitrogen that would provide a sensation of relief to the patient. The chiropractic professionals are highly skilled and extensively trained in order to apply the right pressure at the right place. This is the reason why chiropractic is considered an art.
It is generally believed that your body has the natural ability to heal itself. As a result of this, the chiropractic believe that smaller adjustments would help your body in healing itself faster so that an element of balance is always maintained. All their practices, whether chiropractor  adjustments or beyond are based on the same principle. This is the reason why the chiropractic adjustment is not a harsh treatment. If you spine had to be aligned with the help of a surgery, you would have to go through a lot of pain and it would take months for you to recover from your condition. However, the chiropractic adjustment is mild and very natural as well. Considering the body’s natural healing tendency, the chiropractic sessions would be more frequent in the beginning. This helps in stimulating your body and joints. However, as your treatment progresses, the frequency of your visits would decrease. Your body starts adapting to these minor adjustments each time and come back to its normal position.
Your chiropractor  adjustments treatment would go on like this. In the last stage of treatment, you would only have to visit a chiropractor once in six months or a year in order to get some maintenance therapy. A surgery for this purpose could have easily made you put a stop sign on your life. However, with chiropractic adjustments, you are able to live your life with ease, without invasive surgeries. Moreover, the services of chiropractors are always cheaper than your regular doctor.


Should I See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

Why you should see a chiropractor after a car accident?

Car accidents have become quite common these days and a lot of people suffer from back and neck injuries because of these accidents. There can be muscular sprains or pains in this case. However, the whiplash injury is the most common kind of injury after an accident. If the accident was minor and you only feel these persistent aches and pains, you would likely go to an MD who would prescribe you pain killers. Though these medicines are great for relieving your pain instantly, they would do nothing good for making sure that you get over the root cause of the troubles. As a result, you keep taking painkillers for the rest of your life and simply try to remove the symptoms of the problem rather than doing anything good to solve the issue once and for all.
If you really want to take control of your life, you must definitely go to a chiropractor after a car accident, even if you are already taking pain killers prescribed by your MD. The chiropractor would try to find the root cause behind your problems. Most of the times, they would opt for chiropractic adjustments. Most of the people believe that chiropractors are not doctors which is untrue. They are medical professionals only and they are definitely able to read x-rays, identify your conditions and prescribe a method to get over it. You would be surprised to find that a large number of people have received great benefits because of chiropractors and their regular ‘adjustments’ to your body.
So what does a chiropractor really do? Well, they would study your conditions and then make adjustments to your muscles to alleviate the pain. Often, the methods used by chiropractors are quite natural and non-invasive. Plus, you would not need any medicines as well. Visiting a chiropractor would make sure that you keep the pain away for a fairly long period of time and do not have to depend too much on medications. A lot of people also believe that going to a chiropractor is a waste of time as they only call you twice a week for their therapy. However, this is not true as well. The chiropractors strategize a complete treatment plan for you. In the beginning, you would be visiting your chiropractor more often. However, with time, the number of appointments would decrease. Slowly, your pain would be relived completely and you would have to go for maintenance therapies after months.

Why Chiropractor After an Auto Accident? Call Chirpractor of Wesley Chapel

Chiropractor and Auto Accidents

Chiropractors are experts at the biomechanics (movement) of the spine. Injuries sustained in auto accidents, such as whiplash disrupt the normal motion of the spine. If these injuries are not treated and rehabilitated properly, they can lead to long term problems down the road. Only Chiropractors are trained at fully correcting this type of injury. That is why it is so important that you see a Chiropractor as soon as possible after any auto accident. Symptoms related to auto injuries can be misleading. Our Chiropractors are highly skilled at diagnosing and detecting auto related injuries that may not have symptoms right away.
Our Chiropractors will work closely with any other doctors you are seeing to make sure you receive comprehensive treatment for all of your injuries. Several studies conducted by both the Canadian and American governments have shown Chiropractic care to be the #1 most effective treatment for auto related injuries. The sooner you seek treatment after an accident, the better your chances are for full recovery.

About your first appointment
Your first appointment will start with a consultation with the doctor.  At this time you will discuss the details of the accident and any
symptoms you are experiencing. You will then be given a thorough exam to determine the extent of your injuries. This exam will include any necessary diagnostic testing such as x-rays. After your exam, if no additional testing is needed, the doctor will want to begin treatment right way to help you start feeling better as quickly as possible. The doctor will also provide you with home care instructions as well as any necessary equipment such as orthotics and supports to make you as comfortable as possible until your next visit. Before leaving the office on your first day, the doctor will schedule a follow up visit to be held as soon as possible. At your next appointment, the doctor will discuss the results of your exam and tests and provide you with a customized
treatment plan designed to get you feeling like you again!


  • Your Auto Insurance Card
  • Your Claim Number
  • Your Health Insurance Card
  • Photo ID
  • Your Attorney Info, if applicable
  • Any Medical Records In Your Possession Related to the Accident

5 Myths and Facts after a car Accident

MYTH: There was no damage to the car and the airbag didn’t go off,
so I must be okay.
FACT: It only takes a 3 MPH collision to cause damage to your spine.
This damage can have no symptoms for weeks or month.

MYTH: I went to the hospital and they said I was fine.
FACT: Emergency room staff are not trained to look for and treat the
soft tissue injuries of a car accident. They are concerned with life
threatening emergencies. If there are no broken bones and no bleeding,
you are “fine” in their eyes. Chiropractors are specialists highly trained
in treating soft tissue injuries related to auto accidents.

MYTH: It was my fault, so if I get treatment for my injuries I won’t be
covered and will end up with big doctor bills.
FACT: Florida auto insurance policies cover medical treatment for your
injuries regardless of who is at fault.

MYTH: If I make a claim to get medical treatment my premiums will
go up.
FACT: Unlike a collision claim, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims
are not tied to your premiums. This is insurance you have paid for to
protect you after an accident and it is your right to use it.

MYTH: Nothing hurts, I don’t need treatment.
FACT: That may be, but there may be subtle damage that if treated
correctly now may prevent big problems in the future. The only way to
know for sure is to make an appointment with us today.


  • Maybe it will go away
  • It comes and goes
  • It’s not that bad
  • My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong

Chiropractic Treatments Remedies from Health Hazards

chiropractor-treatmentsModern lifestyle causes various diseases to adult in early stages of life. The vitamin D deficiency blocks the immune cells associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) from travelling to the brain. Researchers have done tests on mice with injecting with vitamin D and MS in rodent form. This caused high level damaging cells called T cells in blood stream, but low cells in brain or spinal cord. Chiropractic treatments provides treatment through simple walking technique. You are required to walk regularly to have a great impact on every day activities. Patients who took more than 6 seconds to walk 25 feet should use alternative arrangements instead of walking.

These patients should use walker for walking long distance and doing their routine work. Chiropractic treatments provides you with simple exercise to strengthen the weaken bones and muscles. You should walk with artificial support like walker or canes do the regular activities. Chiropractors provide you with diet chart to avoid increase in your weight. Because increase in weight cause great injury to knee joint and make discomfort during walking. This weakens muscles in old ages. Chiropractors are provided with regular massage oil to relieve from frequent pain in knee and joint pains. You have to daily massage this oil and walk with the help of walker for routine activities.

Many diseases like lower back pain, neck pain and other body pain are solved with slight alteration in lifestyle and regular exercise. Patients can post their queries through online chats and suggestions provided by chiropractors.  Common disease in eyes is dryness in eyes, eye irritation due to air pollutions, and strain due to continuous work before computers and television. These can be treated through simple eye exercise and cleaning technique. You can apply eye ointment in medical stores to remove dirt from your eyes, redness and irritation from your eye. Chiropractic researchers have found that antibiotics help to ease pain and puffiness in the eyes.

Dryness can be removed with simple technique like

  • Wiping or cleaning the eye with cotton or soft cloth and apply ointment and take rest
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight with usage of sun glasses
  • Take antibiotics to ease from eye pain and spreading to other eyes
  • Eye infection should be treated at initial stages to avoid further problems

Through various simple ways of exercise you can lead a normal and happier life. It relieves from various pains in the body.


Effective Ways to Cure Diabetes

Cure-DiabetesDiabetes is a disease that can affect most of the population in USA. This disease depends on gender, age and country of an individual. The patients are affected with the disease to various reasons like

  • Due to hereditary from parents
  • It is caused due to mental stress, anxiety and mental tension

The diabetes can be treated through chiropractic treatment. The patients suffer various ailments due to this disease. The patients with high sugar are prone to eye defect, kidney failure. It can treat through proper diet and simple exercise. You should not consume sugar and should take regular oral medicine for its treatment.

You should consume more vegetables and fruits which are sugar free. Avoid sweets and beverages in your food. Take the regular walk in the morning and evening from various joint pains in knee, hands and back pain. Many patients take insulin injections to decrease their sugar level in the blood. These have low level insulin in their body. Researches are done to provide treatment oral medicine instead of insulin injections. This removes the pain of injections who regularly take injections.

Patients can test their sugar level through medical instruments in their home and take sugar free sweets to avoid increase in sugar level. Chiropractor provide with diet chart for the diabetic patients. They also educate you with footwear to avoid against foot pain. These foot wear provide relief from foot pain.

Pregnant women who are diabetic patients are chances of giving birth to child with diabetic problems. Chiropractors provide treatment to pregnant women to avoid transfer of the disease to born infants. There are many websites which provides guidance and tips in solving problems relating to physical ailments.

You should take food at regular intervals. Avoid take heavy meals, this helps in increase in weight and causes obesity problems in adults. This causes joint pain in hands, knee and foot pains. So patients are requiring exercising to reduce their weight. You are not supposed to intake non vegetarian foods which cause increase in blood pressure. The increase in blood pressure causes heart disease like heart attacks. You are required to have diet meals at regular intervals with proper advice from chiropractors. They provide you with tips to alter the lifestyle of yours. This helps to decrease the sugar level in blood as well as urine. Though there is no permanent treatment for diabetes, there is measure to decrease it at minimum level.

Treatment of Cancer through Chiropractic Treatments

Many women suffer from breast cancer in the modern world. Chiropractic treatment provides you with solutions with simple exercises to cure the dreaded disease. These exercises prevent most of the women from breast cancer. Women’s with family history of BRCA2 are prone to this disease more compare to other ladies. The doctors find out that genetic variations are the cause for breast cancer in many women that help in tracking the gene within the family history. It is initially treated with hormone therapy like tamoxifen in resisting the treatment. A mutation helps in increase in estrogen to prevent you from breast cancer in women. Researchers help to find solutions by finding a way to inhibit mutated receptor and develop therapies which are more effective compare to chemotherapy.breast-cancer-awareness

There are many diseases linked due to breast cancer in individuals. They are as follows:

  • Obesity hormone imbalance are caused due to breast cancer
  • Due to radiation treatment causes  risk in heart disease

The chiropractors educate the women regarding breast cancer through testing in initial stages. Women can do self examination regularly by standing before the mirror. If any pain occurs while examination she can go for check up at chiropractors. You can be treated with minor exercise if the cancer is in initial stages. She can post enquire through their online website which provides tips and guidelines provided by experts. Various types of cancer can be treated through changes in lifestyle and treatment through various therapy and surgeries. The patients are given treatment post surgeries to fight against this dreaded disease through regular exercise and food diet. The cancer treatment causes various side effects to patients post treatment.

  • Body lose its vital nutrients and cause anemia in cancer patients
  • Body require regular diet in food and good physical to regain its strength
  • Patients are prone to mental illness due to anxiety, mental depression, low self esteem

Chiropractic is a health care system focus on the relationship between the body’s skeletal and muscular structure and its functions. This treatments involves the moving the bones of the spine to correct medical problems. There are online support team to assist you with the problems of cancer and other ailing diseases. The chiropractics provide emotional support to patients through financial assistance, providing moral support through guidelines. Patients can chat with other cancer patients to solve their emotional problem and other physical ailments.