Are you in Pain from a Auto Accident Injury?

 Auto-Accident-InjuryIf you have been in an auto accident we understand that you need to first take care of business at the accident area.   Your car, insurance, police reports, and if the auto accident was a major one, you will probably be having a visit to the local ER.

But thanks to the technology in vehicles today, most people walk away from an auto accident injury . That’s where we come in, we want you to come see your local HealthSource physician right away, in the first 24 hours, to minimize the potential long term effects of your  auto accident injury .

But before you do, take a minute and please take a few pictures on your phone or camera, or even a witness phone camera…. If you have ANY Auto accident injury,  bruises. or cuts, scene of the auto accident , airbag deployment, and vehicle damage.  You will thank us later if your auto accident  happens to end up in court or with the attorneys.

THEN…. Call our office and get a ride over for a comprehensive check-up for joint, or Auto accident injury  such as Whiplash . Wikipedia: What is personal injury